Drinking Coffee: A Workaholic’s Daily Mantra

A day usually consists of several episodes of working activity for an average citizen. Workaholics are those who work compulsively. These people endorse a feeling of need to be doing work on a constant basis. In most cases, they are fully dedicated in getting their jobs done without letting anyone dull their sparkling and energetic personality.

Most working individuals get their deeds done with a mug of hot coffee beside the piled up sheets of responsibilities. With the coffee steam raveling a person’s nose, he or she immediately tastes it while finishing the paper works that’s due tomorrow morning. While others enjoy their Frappuccino from Slumberjack because of its delicious flavor and probably for Instagram purposes also. You see? There seems to be an unbreakable bond between work and coffee. Have you notice any of your officemates taking a cup of coffee during your break time?  A lot of people especially those who spend their time on offices consume this product without knowing its benefits. If you don’t know any of the advantages of drinking coffee, let me jot it down for you.

It keeps you alert!

Coffee contains caffeine – the world’s most widely used psychoactive drug. It is commonly found in coffee beans which is primarily coffee is made of. This is said to be a stimulant that reduces stress or fatigue. Nightshift workers who take caffeine have improved reaction time, wakefulness, concentration and motor condition.

 Good news! Coffee’s a fat burner

Have you guessed it coming folks? Me neither. Caffeine is proven to be one of the very few natural substances that assist in fat burning. So if you are a busy bee on diet, coffee can help you in achieving your body goals but it accompanies with a healthy lifestyle of course!


Working for consecutive hours in a day results to a tiring body which makes you more prone to you to reactive molecules. Coffee contains a lot of antioxidants. These serve as little soldiers that fight free radicals which causes aging that enter your immune system.

Beauty and Coffee

Are you annoyed with dark circles painted under your eyes? Worry no more! Coffee is not just your regular morning energizer. It has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce inflammation and puffiness associated to dark circles. Beauty products also use caffeine to help you have that flawless appearance.

Prevents the Risk of Diabetes

With the stressful lifestyle of workaholics, they are more prone to acquiring lifestyle diseases. There are observational studies that show that coffee drinkers have much a lower risk of developing Type II Diabetes, a health problem characterized by elevated blood sugars in context of the body’s inability to produce insulin. This is affecting millions of people worldwide.

Amazed? Who would have thought that coffee has wondrous benefits to you! Grab your cup of happiness and savor it till the last sip. 


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